About Us

Joanna and ThaniaJoanna and Thania met in 1995 — Kindergarten. 

Sweet, shy Joanna, age 4, had just moved from the Philippines with her Dad and siblings to join her mom, who had been working for months to bring them over.

Observant, bossy Thania, age 5, had just moved from her mom’s house to her Grandpa’s with her Dad after her parents separated and were undergoing a messy bankruptcy.

Both were new to the neighborhood and experiencing a whole new world.

One fall afternoon, they spotted each other across the street from each other. Recognizing each other from school, Joanna ran across the street (a big no-no without her parents around) to say hi to Thania, and from then on, the two were attached to the hip. 

Inseparable throughout elementary and middle school, the girls immersed themselves in each other's families and cultures. Weekdays and weekends fused into endless sleepovers and secrets. Though high school and college separated them physically, their sisterhood remained strong.

As adults, Joanna and Thania's conversations traversed careers, sexism, generational trauma, and the joys and challenges of their diverse backgrounds.

In November 2023, after years of dreaming, they finally united to launch Badass Betch — a celebration of minority women who bust stereotypes and raise each other up.

More than friends, Joanna and Thania are family. Their unbreakable bond started with a kindergarten wave hello. Now empowered women, they're just getting started.